Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes

The vinyasa yoga flow is a breath-guided sequence, which incorporates breathwork and physical movement. This is also a series of poses that keep students moving between each asana’s on to promote stretched muscles and balance on both sides of the body. Students are encouraged to integrate intention, breath, movement, awareness, and focus with alignment while they maintains poses. Each class will provide a different experience, as new and creative sequences are created and taught.


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healing circles and groupwork

Healing Circles and Sisterhood groups are dedicated to motivate and enhance the climate of Women’s empowerment through social, political, educational, economic and spiritual programming and discussion. Through conversation, reflection, and relaxation, Jesecca spark's consciousness about self-image, trauma, and worth. The goal of the Sister Circles is to provide a safe space for women to gather and support one another, as we foster the tools for change to dismantle systems and cycles of oppression


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During a meditation experience, students transcend the chatter of the mind and enter into a deep rest that may leads to higher spiritual states of awareness. This shift in consciousness creates mental clarity, spiritual revelations, inner and physical healing, peace, joy, and an overall feeling of renewal, wellbeing and balance.


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